Glucks Bier

concept & identity development, packaging & brand design, campaign

Flaschnpost.de, the biggest beverages delivery service in Germany, briefed us to create a new beer brand, that makes a stand against the big (and boring) German beer brands.

When you look at the big German beer brands, you realize that they have one thing in common: boringness. They might be good in taste, but they suck at design and communication. And especially they're missing, what makes beer fun: fun itself. So, we decided to go position our beer as the first German beer which combines a real good taste and a real good mood. Therefore, we called the brand "Glucks" a neologism of "Glück" (= fun, happiness) and "Schluck" (=sip). And you can literally see our brand core "fun" in the beer-label and the corporate design. As core-graphics we created the "glucks" smile faces. Each beer type comes with an individual smile. By choosing a strong and beautiful color scheme using a dark blue and a noble gold the brand becomes a modern jet precious appearance. The funny faces cause good mood already on the shelf and laugh happily towards the customer. In reference to the smile, we chose a bold, rounded display typeface to communicate happy messages and spread the fun. With statements like "" and "" we put the identity out into the boring beer market. That's what funny beer looks and tastes like.