BVG - Ohne uns.

Art Direction, Campaign Development

In the past, the BVG has done a lot to conquer the hearts of Berliners. With a healthy dose of self-irony, the BVG polished its image: from a hated traffic network to a Berlin cult brand. This, however, mostly at the expense of employees, whose heroic achievements were often in the background.

In a new edition of the most famous love song of Germany "Without you" of the Münchener Freiheit, BVG employees are now in the center.In the music video for "Without Us" the invisible heroes are always on the side of the passengers - even in the most hopeless situations. Equipped with fancy clothes, fog, slow motion and crazy hairstyles in the original '80s style, the band sings the cult song towards the passengers, in situations where they need them most. And fortunately, the singing BVG heroes provide this help promptly - in form of a bus, tram, train and of course with a lot of humor and irony.

The music video was viewed almost 8 million times and shared over 18,000 times, making it a catchy tune far beyond the borders of Berlin. It has been running in all Berlin cinemas since 21.12.2017 and has reached over 1 million contacts within one month. The press, numerous blogs and even television reported on the quirky online musical film. The advertising equivalence amounted to almost 700,000 euros.And most importantly, more than 14,000 subscriptions were sold during the three-month of campaign period.Through the music video, for Berliners one thing about the BVG kept in mind for sure:"Without us, you will not come home tonight."