Fruity bears.

Concept Development, Art Direction

gummy? YUMMY!
The seductively minimalistic approach of the print campaign spotlights the fruity freshness of the original Haribo gummy bears in a surprising way: The gummy bears themselves turn into actual fruits. The gummy bears themselves become actual fruits.

Golden Award of Montreux
2014 - Finalist - Design

"(...) The pictures are most likely designed to let us know just how incredibly fruity Haribo Gold Bears really are – as fruity as if you were eating fruit for real. (...)"

"(...) Die verführerisch minimalistische Printkampagne zeigt auf überraschende Art und Weise die fruchtige Frische der Goldbären von Haribo. Die Goldbären selber sind echte Früchte."

"(...) The Haribo gummy bears bampaign embraces healthy eating (and) highlights the candy's fruity freshness in a minimalist way."

Design Taxi
"(...) Known for producing these delicious bear-shaped chewy treats, the brand could hardly have found a better way to show how their gummy bears are filled with fruity goodness. (...)"